Happy New Owners


We love what we do!


Courtney Mumma

I'd like to thank Jeff, and Traci, at 4Ps Ranch,for setting me up with some of the best foxtrotters out there, they are so smart and willing to learn. Thanks for pointing  me in the right direction, and for always being  willing to answer any questions I have. I have bought 4 very nice mares, and a stallion who is 2 years old now, out of there amazing stallion Boss' Midnight Cash. Payday is amazing and so laid back and willing to do anything you ask of him. Our whole family just loves him, couldn't ask for a better minded stallion. Thank You very much, for being so friendly, and honest.


Dawn Brown

I flew from California to look at one horse and ended up purchasing another! I knew within minutes of arriving that I would never purchase a horse anywhere else but 4p's Ranch. Jeff and Isabelle made you feel right at home and their honesty and willingness to make things right is what sold me. I couldn't be happier with my purchase of Mommas Boy ( now Dewey) he is such a cool little guy and I'm so in love.

Gretta Graceland & Lorretta Bowser

I went to Texas to look at a cool fox trotter. I brought my daughter along to talk me out of buying a horse!  We were treated like family there. All the horses I looked at were solidly trained. And I could not get my daughter off of Noah!!  She doesn't even love horses like I do. So we bought him! He has been the best and most fun horse I have ever owned! His personality makes us laugh.  Did I say he is smooth? I actually have gone bareback riding and have not done that since I was a kid. Thank you to all at 4Ps Ranch for letting us try so many horses and taking us on that Two hour trail ride. Your horses rock!! I still love that Elvis horse too!