Meet the Peck Family

Jeff and Kristy Peck are the owners/operators of 4Ps Horses along with their son Kolt Peck. Jeff and Kristy have owned 4Ps Horses since 2020 and it is certainly a family run ranch. Jeff and Kolt run the day to day operations (training, breeding, ranch management, etc), while Kristy manages the office and social media part of the business and doing what she does best…which is talking to clients. Their daughter Kaylee also helps with social media as well as making videos. When you are a 4Ps Horses client, they treat you like family!

The Founders of 4P's Horses

The Pattersons

4Ps Horses was originally founded over 30 years ago by Harry and Brenda Patterson. Harry Patterson had a passion for the Missouri Foxtrotter breed and was adamant that the world know exactly what these amazing horses were capable of, so he started a breeding program that focused on producing horses with gait, athletic ability, and a ranch horse mindset. His horses quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the Ranch Horse Versatility ring at the Celebration in Ava and 4Ps was the place to go if you were looking for gaited ranch horses. Harry passed away in 2021, but his legacy and passion for the breed lives on in the breeding and training program here at 4Ps Horses!