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What A Few of our Satisifed New Owners are Saying:

I just wanted to let you all know that I sure do like that horse, Tomstone. He fits in perfectly with the other horses that I have and the only surprises have been good ones. I had some concern that he had a big motor, but I think he is so relieved to be ridden by a little old lady who does not have the swarms of dogs or shotguns. Thank again! It was a pleasure dealing with you folks!

-- Laura Campbell (March 2019)

Tobasco 1.jpg

Tobasco Master aka Jake found his forever home with Laura and Ed McCabe. They came by looking for their next best friend and absolutely fell in Love with Tobasco. They are forming a great bond that everyone wants with their horse. Laura and Ed are excited to have Jake and go on the many adventures that this life hold. 

                 (Febuary 2019)

Tobasco 3.jpg
Tobasco 2.jpg

I went to Texas to look at a cool fox trotter. I brought my daughter along to talk me out of buying a horse!  We were treated like family there. All the horses I looked at were solidly trained. And I could not get my daughter off of Noah!!  She doesn't even love horses like I do. So we bought him! He has been the best and most fun horse I have ever owned! His personality makes us laugh.  Did I say he is smooth? I actually have gone bareback riding and have not done that since I was a kid. Thank you to all at 4Ps Ranch for letting us try so many horses and taking us on that Two hour trail ride. Your horses rock!!

I still love that Elvis horse too!  

--Gretta Graceland and Lorretta Bowser (December 2016)

I flew from California to look at one horse and ended up purchasing another! I knew within minutes of arriving that I would never purchase a horse anywhere else but 4p's Ranch. Jeff and Isabelle made you feel right at home and their honesty and willingness to make things right is what sold me. I couldn't be happier with my purchase of Mommas Boy ( now Dewey) he is such a cool little guy and I'm so in love.

--Dawn Brown, California (August 2016)                                                                                                                                               

 I'd like to thank Jeff, and Traci, at 4Ps Ranch,for setting me up with some of the best foxtrotters out there, they are so smart and willing to learn. Thanks for pointing  me in the right direction, and for always being  willing to answer any questions I have. I have bought 4 very nice mares, and a stallion who is 2 years old now, out of there amazing stallion Boss' Midnight Cash. Payday is amazing and so laid back and willing to do anything you ask of him. Our whole family just loves him, couldn't ask for a better minded stallion. Thank You very much, for being so friendly, and honest. 

--Courtney Mumma, Missouri (2016)

Here are the 4 P horse's. Cash's Nocona Rose (aka Coco) & Boss Man's Easter Star (aka Black Star). Thank you for breeding such responsible beautiful horses! We LOVE them!! 

--Sherry and Keelin Harrington, Texas (January 2016)

I am Robin from South Carolina.  I purchased my beautiful MFT mare strictly by word of mouth from 4ps Ranch.  I had such success from my first MFT purchase from Wyoming that when the time came, I wanted another foxtrotter.  When that ranch was no longer breeding I started looking for another breeding, training facility and found Traci and Jeff.  I told them at 65 I was looking for something super quiet.  They told me about Cash's Mocha Latte aka Mokie and after 3 months of talking, video and praying I had her shipped to me via Equine Express.  I have been in the woods alone with her 3 times now, working in a friend's arena and on numerous dirt roads with some other riders.  She has been kind, quiet and gaits like a dream!!  She is only 3 1/2 so some spook is expected but nothing I can't ride.  She thinks big stumps will eat her!!  She comes right up to me in the pasture and truly acts
 like she likes me!!  I very satisfied customer and thankful for all the folks at 4ps for turning out nice, broke horses!

--Robin Derrick and Cash's Mocha Latte' (May 2016)

I had the best trail ride ever!  He is rock solid but not dull. He wants to work with me and in such a short time we've really become partners. Since I have Parkinson's Disease, this is particularly important. Tracey knew what I was looking for in a safe nicely gaited Missouri Foxtrotter and she found him. He is my forever horse!  Thanks Tracey
--Cindy Rosborough and Total Terminator (aka Hank) (December 2015)

I had been looking for months for a gaited horse to be my companion in trail riding and as a mounted park police horse.   A steady type horse that could go out alone and not be fussy, and also ride boot-to-boot in parades and stand well.   With the help of Tracy, Jeff and Mr. Patterson at 4P’s Ranch, I was lucky enough to land Stars’ Travelin Pete, a wonderfully sane and comfortable Foxtrotter.  They made the travel transition from Texas to Maryland relatively easy.   Tracy also stayed in touch to make sure the fit worked well.   I have had Pete out alone, in howling winds with gusts up to 40-45 mph, and he just kept on going as if nothing were happening.  He is a special guy, and 4P’s Ranch is a special place.  

--Gail Palestine and Star's Travelin' Pete (August 2015)

I have two wonderful MFT mares and wanted a young horse to step into their shoes. With the help of my trainer, Rebecca Roach, and Traci Roy at 4P, I have Cash Ransom, aka Rance. For someone that is new to very young horses, Rance is perfect for me. He is already under way to being a great life partner!
--Grace Richards and Cash Ransom (January 2015)

As a trainer in Maryland it was a leap of faith to help three clients purchase horses so far away based on videos and Traci's word.  All the horses were honestly represented and Traci did an amazing job listening to the needs of each rider and recommending just the right horse.  Quality horses sold by folks with integrity.

I had an excellent buying experience at 4Ps ranch, and I'll bet you will too!  When I was looking for my next project horse, I took the opportunity to visit 4Ps Ranch and had a great time.  I made new friends and there was a wide variety of quality horses to choose from.  While I was looking for a weanling out in the pasture, a sweet 2 yr old filly actually picked me.  The buying process was smooth and Traci kept me up to do date with getting her ready to ship home.  I've had the filly for almost a year and shes coming along great.  What you breed in, you don't have to train in, and this filly is just the best.  Also, Traci is always willing to chat horses and offer training advise to help ensure this filly continues to have a bright future.  I would definitely buy from them again!  
--Carissa Haverly DVM and Country Boy's Little Bitty (July 2015)


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