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2012 Fox Trotter Stallion of the Year

“Cash” has earned his Celebration Record Setting 
3 x World Grand Champion Senior Model Stallion
and 4 Grand Champion Titles

Boss' Midnight Cash  -  Placings:

2003 - Yearling Stallions & Geldings Model - World Champion

2003 - Open Yearling - World Grand Champion

2004 - 2 Year Old Stallions & Geldings Model - World Champion

2005 - Open Junior Model - World Grand Champion

2005 - Open 3 Year Old Stallions & Geldings - World Champion

2009 - Open Stallions & Geldings - World Champion

2009 - Open Senior Model Stallions & Geldings - World Grand Champion

Boss’ Midnight Cash Wins Fox Trotter

2012 Stallion of the Year Award

 By Josephine Cozean Styron


AVA, Mo. (February 5, 2013)-- Boss’ Midnight Cash, a jet black stallion owned by Harry Patterson’s 4P’s Ranch in Wichita Falls, Texas, is the winner of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association (MFTHBA)’s 2012 Stallion of the Year award. 

“The Super Bowl was on Sunday (February 3), but I feel like mine was today,” said Patterson. “‘Cash’ is a great all-around versatility horse, and his offspring are great versatility horses, as well.”

The award, part of the MFTHBA’s Membership Committee’s Awards Program, is based on the accumulated points of a stallion’s offspring in performance, model, and versatility World Grand Championship classes at the MFTHBA Annual Fall Show and Celebration.  The Preliminary and Champion Futurity classes at the Spring Show, Missouri State Fair classes, and the Boss Man Versatility Futurity classes during the Annual Fall Show and Celebration were also included in the tabulation.

“There were 160 stallions represented by offspring in the show ring in 2011,” said Membership Chairman, Amy Stangl.  “That alone tells you something.  Boss’ Midnight Cash’s offspring were successful in both versatility and model.  It shows you how versatile Cash is.  He is producing winners in more than one arena.  And, Cash didn’t just have one or two different horses representing him,” Stangl said. “He had a lot of horses in model and versatility that represented him.”

2012 was a great year for the sons and daughters of Boss’ Midnight Cash.  At the 2012 MFTHBA Annual Fall Show and Celebration, the world show held at the Association’s headquarters in Ava, Missouri, the stallion’s offspring garnered a record nine World Championships; six Reserve World Championships; four Reserve World Grand Championships; and the coveted Open Versatility World Grand Championship.  To top it off, one Cash filly claimed the Three-Year-Old Boss Man Futurity, while another Cash filly grabbed the High-Point Speedhorse title.

Cash horses did well at the Spring Show, too: first and second-place wins in Open Barrel Race, Open Pole Bending, and Open Stake Race; a second and third placing in Open Trail, and an Open Versatility Hi-Point Reserve.

Boss’ Midnight Cash was an outstanding show horse himself.  Between 2003 and 2009, he won three World Grand Championships and  four World Championships in the model arena.  “He has probably won more World Grand Championships in model than any other horse,” said Harry Patterson.  With Patterson in the saddle, Cash also won the 2011 Open Amateur Western Pleasure Reserve Championship.

“To win the Super Bowl, it takes a lot of people working together,” said Patterson.  “I feel like my team has worked hard to put together Cash’s offspring.  I’d like to thank Janet Johnson, Billy Ray McCalip, Wade Hightower, Steve Atkisson, and Charles Lindsay and Dawn Young-Lindsay, as well as Cody Bates, Traci Roy, and Mary Webb.

“Every time I ride Cash, it is the ride of your life,” said Patterson.  “I love his beauty and everything about him.  But, the thing I love most about him is his mind.  He passes that along to his colts.  And, I can say the same thing about another horse I owned, Zane’s Boss Man, the daddy of Cash. 

“You can go through a lot of horses to end up with one like Boss’ Midnight Cash,” said Patterson. "It’s been a blessing to be able to own these two legends.”

The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse was developed in the Ozark hills of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.  Known for its iconic foxtrot gait, in which the front legs appear to be walking and the hind legs appear to be trotting, the beautiful Fox Trotter was bred to be an easy-mover that could comfortably carry a rider over rugged terrain for hours at a time.  Versatility is the name of the game for Missouri Fox Trotters, who compete in everything from show jumping to competitive endurance riding.

missouri, fox, gaited, horses, trail, riding, trotting, trotter, mfthba, horses
missouri, fox, gaited, horses, trail, riding, trotting, trotter, mfthba, horses
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