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The 4P's Ranch is owned by Harry and Brenda Patterson. This ranch is very family oriented. This ranch could not produce the best of the best versatile companion horses that we do with out the wonderful team members that we have. We would like you to meet the 4P's family. Jeff Peck, our Ranch Manager and part time trainer. He keeps our ranch running smoothly and our herds in tip top shape. Traci Roy, she handles the paper work for our horses and new colts and fillies. 

    Cole Enloe, our full time trainer. He brings a full range of knowledge to our training program and along with Jeff this ranch will be able to make great companion horses. Isabelle Bates, helps handle the horses and the weanlings so that they continue to love being around people. She also grooms the horses to keep them looking absolutely stunning. Zara is one of our barn managers and is our website manager. She works hard to keep our website updated and easy to navigate. JP is our wonderful ranch maintenance. He keeps our facility grounds and stall barn clean and manicured. Cody Bates helps us keep our horses going and he also helps expose our horses to different obstacles that they may experience when they are with their new owners in order to make sure that they are as safe as possible for them. He is always ready to help us out when we need the extra hand. 

Cole Enloe 


Zara Leivan

Jeff Peck


Ranch Maintiance 

Traci Roy

Isabelle & Cody Bates

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