4 P's Ranch Videos

Major Tom


SOLD Star's Travelin' Pete  SOLD

Traci Roy and Amazing Sunrise WDAA Reserve World Champion 2014


Frosty Cupcake

Jeff Peck on Cash's Mr. P. aka Wally on thier WDAA Reserve Championship Ride 2014
Phone dies while videoing but most of the ride is on here.

Cash's Adley Taylor Sells

EZ Rider

Super Fun E.

America's Black Storm

CB's Scarlet

Open Amateur Ranch Horse Cutting & Versatility Cutting Horse
Length 6:28 minutes 

Open Amateur Ranch Horse Roping
Length 3:51 Minutes

World Champion Missouri Fox Trotter-Amateur Ranch Working Cow Horse
Length 3:41 Minutes

World Champion Missouri Fox Trotter "Cash's Midnight Sadie"
Length 6:39 Minutes