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1-14-15 "SOLD!! Congratulations to Andria Stuart of Wichita Falls, TX on her purchase of Bethe's Sunburst (aka Rooster). She is looking forward a fun partnership with this wonderful horse. Happy Trails Andria and Rooster!!"

Country Boy’s Dundee - Aka Spanky - Aka Jubal

Jubal Jubal Jubal

Jubal arrived on March 12th 2014.
He arrived in great shape after a 24-hour journey. He settled in quite quickly; meeting his new buddy Smoky, who had also come from The 4P’s Ranch.

Jubal is outstanding in so many ways. He has a wonderful easygoing temperament; he’s confident, curious, with a super sweet personality! He’s beautiful and He loves everyone!! Since he lives here with us, we’re with him throughout the days; he’s a delightful guy.
Our warmest thanks to all of you there at the 4P’s Ranch.

Here’s some stories of our getting to know each other: note: Jubal has done just awesome on our rides and his adventures.
March 21st our 2nd ride: We trailered over to our local ‘busy’ obstacle course. Jubal did all but 2, no problem. He seemed like an old pro… thanks Jeff.
March 23rd 3rd ride: one week & 4 days after his arrival, we trailered over to our local arenas. The event going on was the Back Country Horsemen’s Annual Rendezvous. There were hundreds of people, horses, dogs, carts, trailers, noise, and vendors… I rode him around for over an hour… Jubal acted like an old pro’… no challenges there. Then, I just rode Jubal home by myself… note: This is about an hour ride thru very challenging neighborhoods more like an obstacle course. He was great; never spooked or got nervous.
March 27th We went on a 4 day, 3 night camping trip: Jubal’s first group ride was over 3 hours in very challenging terrain amongst 25 horses. I so enjoyed riding him. At one point on one of the rides two big dogs attacked the group. Jubal and I rode past, ignoring them; then I saw that the dogs were scaring some of the other horses behind us… I turned Jubal around and we chased the dogs back into their yard…. There was a big applause!!! All weekend he received lots and lots of compliments; as he hadn’t turned 4 years old yet. He was amazing! He was the only horse that was hi-lined; the 30 other horses were in corrals. He was just great.

April 2nd Jubal’s Birthday ride. A 3-hour round-trip ride to Lunch at the Saddle Sore Saloon. What a great 4-year-old boy!!!
April 5th Grandkids riding him.
April 6th Ride at Lake Perris. One hour trailer ride over to meet some friends for a 3-hour ride. Good boy! A Really enjoyable ride!!
April 14th: Jubal’s first river crossings. We did a 2-hour ride, which included 6 water crossings; sometimes water past his knees. Again, Jubal was just fine. I think he likes being in the water. He and I will be loping across this summer. Yeah!!!
April 19th; another big group ride.
April 22nd: another ride with friends at Hidden Valley… lots more river crossings.very fun ride! Photos included

Well I could go on and on about how pleased we are with Jubal. Since it’s been over a month, I so want you’all to know how he’s doing. Oh, I took him over to meet one of my trainers. He spent an hour with Jubal and said: “he’s very smart, whatever you paid for him…. wasn’t too much…”
I’m going to send some photos. I have so many; it will be had to decide.

With warmest thanks, Marianne Robinson - Miller


These are pictures of the couple in California that bought Boss' Southern Dunn and MOCO Southern Bossman. They sent us text updates from time to time about their adventures with Fox Trotters. They recently went to a local ranch in their area to participate in what they called Cowboy Academy and at the end of it they competed in a series of events (many of which involved cattle work). When it was all over, they recieved the Rookie Team of the Year Award....and they were the ONLY ones on gaited horses!! We asked permission to post the pics and the story on our website and they said yes please!! "Share our pics and our joy!!" :) They really represented Fox Trotters well in California!!  

We are really excited that they are having such grand adventures with those horses!!  


Bentley and MOCO arrive in Marina

There is no shortage of good advice.  Sometimes, it is best not taken.

We are 62 years old. After the best vacation ever at a working cattle ranch, we decided that horses would be our retirement activity.  Lots of researching, talking, visiting, test riding, and hearing lots of advice and stories had us conclude that project horses or horses of indeterminate experience and history were not suitable for our situation.  Further, we figured out early that we wanted horses that were more comfortable than quarter horses but they needed to be versatile.  We directed our search to gaited horses that would work cattle.  Besides trail riding we are interested in the common western arena events and participating in local cattle drives and ranch work.  Did we mention that we are novice riders who have never owned horses?  Against all vigorous local counseling we took that leap and flew to Wichita Falls to see if the claims of the 4Ps ranch were true.  Did they really have three and five year old Missouri Fox Trotters that would take enthusiastic but novice riders safely out on trails as well as boldly move cows?  They were that and more.  Three intense days (6 hours in the saddle plus groundwork) of Beginner Boot Camp, a PPE exam where the sport horse vet dismissed our concerns over ages with “oh, these horses are different, y’all will do great” and we are the “breaking all the rules” new horse owners.  We are moving ahead and becoming experienced novices with well brought up horses trained to provide enjoyment and pleasure. The local cautions and admonitions have given way to enthusiasm for our beautiful and charming horses.  There has even been an occasional expression of envy.  In case you are wondering, Tracy and Cody made us instructional DVD’s reminding us of our training sessions on our horses and we are following up with Clinton Anderson’s training program……the horses are teaching us and we are teaching our horses.

P.S. BTW, yesterday had bareback (pad) lesson on first a quarter horse and then shifted to Bentley.  Went really well.

Pat Grant DVM
Marina, CA


Meet Tom new proud owner of Spike!  Tom and Spike are looking forward to many more fun days together. Pictured below are Tom, Spike and Steve in the last three photos on Tom's first day with Spike on a fair day in Ava, MO.

They are pictured below here in Spike's new home in St. Louis, MO a week later.  LIFE IS GOOD!
Tom and Spike Tom and Spike Tom and Spike Tom and Spike
Tom and Spike Tom and Spike
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