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Our Show horses are trained extensively and ready for you to contintue to show or use for any disipline you choose.  Our trail horses at 4 P's Ranch are ridden almost daily on the trails and are used to city life and country life as you will see from the videos.  If our horses are not on the trails in the country in inclement weather they are worked in the indoor arena.  Come ride one!

COME RIDE WITH US we're sure we have a horse 4 you!

We also now are offering our new 2013 foals. . .  click here to see them!



April's Fancy Girl
Born in 2010 ~ Mare that has been everywhere and done everything.  April was shown in performance when she was younger and has also been used on cattle quite a bit.   She is a "get on down the road" kind of horse with a super smooth foxtrot that covers ALOT of ground!    $6500.00

America’s Black Storm
MFTHBA Reg. #05-86867
 DOB 4-19-05
Black Storm is a super cute solid black mare with wonderful gaits. We have used this mare at the local sale barn and sorted cattle on her. She also has lots of trail miles. 
She is a get on down the road kind of mare and very gentle. $5500.00
Storm Storm Storm video
C.B.’S Scarlet
DOB: 4-28-08

MFTHBA Registration #08-92995
Scarlet is a red dun mare that is a half sister to the great Boss’s Midnight Cash. Scarlet has that same sweet laid back tempermant that Cash is known for and is nice and quiet to ride. She just wants to get along and please her people. Check out this video of Scarlet being ridden without a bridle!” $4500.00
Scarlet Scarlet Scarletvideo

Ace’s Little Jane Princess
DOB 7-31-98
MFTHBA Registration #98-59535
 Photos coming soon meanwhile view her video!

 Jane is one of those mares that is the whole package! She is naturally gaited and fun to ride. She is pretty to look at and is also carrying a Southern Sunrise foal that is due this May. Check out this video of her being ridden bridle-less!! $4500.00

Boss's Sunset Joker SOLD
MFTHBA Registration #09-94967

Boss's Sunset Joker Boss's Sunset Joker Boss's Sunset Joker  Boss's Sunset Joker

Joker Joker Joker video
Joker Joker Joker
Above Joker and Traci on March 2013 Competitive Trail Ride.
Affectionately called "Joker" this 3 yr old gelding that stands right at 15 hands. Joker is a very quiet laid back horse a "in your pocket", wanna be your buddy type of horse.  He is very willing to please.  Joker has been ridden on trails and has done light cattle work and also had goats roped off of him. He has a wonderful natural foxtrot and also a has a rocking chair lope. He is a fun horse to ride and has a cool personality. He has a great handle on him, sidepasses, turns on the front and back end, etc. He also loads, bathes, clips, and stands for the farrier. Joker is one of those uncomplicated buddies, anyone can ride, kind of horse.
Son of Marylou
 Gelding, MFTHBA Reg  #04-82180

Son of MaryLou  Son of MaryLou    Son of MaryLou  Sonny Sonny Sonny video
Sonny and Cody on Competive Trail Ride March 2013

We sold Sonny once for over two years and the gentleman who bought him was in the Air Force and had to go overseas.  We liked Sonny so much we bought him back to offer him to another good home.  Sonny is a GREAT foxtrotter and has a sound mind and great ride.  Sonny is a beautiful sorrel gelding, stout, stands around 15.1hh.  Sonny will walk, trot, and canter.  Sonny has a wonderful foxtrot, very smooth.  Can be ridden alone or with a group.  Side passes, backs, works a gate etc. Has cow experience and is very athletic.  Loads. leads, bathes, stands for farrier no vices we can find. *$8500.00

2012 Offspring by Boss' Midnight Cash

Fun E Filly Fun E Filly Cricket

"Cash's Cricket"
DOB 4-16-12 Sorrel Filly
MFTHBA Registration Number: 12-98620
Out of "Super Fun E" and sired by "Boss' Midnight Cash"

Ava Colt Ava Colt
"Cash's Mr. P"
MFTHBA Reg #12-98163
DOB 5-4-12, stud colt
Full brother to WGC "Cash's Clay"
Out of "Stormy Morining's Rainin Ava" and Sired by "Boss' Midnight Cash"

We are offering our outstanding foal crop for sale this year.  Instead of us pricing them we want you to make an offer!  Call the barn at (940) 761-1730 or email us at and make your offer today!

Our Foals are arriving!
Photos are of newly born and we will be posting more as they dry and fill out so keep checking to see how they grow!!!

Cash's Nocona Rose xx Playboys Country Boy
Red Lineback Dunn, Filly
DOB March 2013
Lineback Red Dunn Filly Missouri Foxtrotter Red Dunn Red Dunn Red Dunn Red Dunn
DOB: March 20, 2013
Dunalino Filly
Out of Cassey's Cookie & Cream and sired by Playboys Country Boy
    Cookies Foal Cookies Foal  Dunalino
Contact us about her here!
Born 3-23-13
Stud Colt
Out of Jessie Boots and sired by Playboys Country Boy
Below a couple days old

Below almost a month old
Boot's Foal
Photos below at 2 months and GROWING, GROWING, GROWING!
Thor Thor
Contact us about him here!
April 14, 2013
We had a Grulla filly sired by Boss' Midnight Cash and
out of A Little Bit of Class.
5 days old below primitive markings and all!
Contact us for more about her here.
DOB: April 14, 2013
Out of CB
s Lucky Lass xx Boss Midnight Cash
BRAND NEW Black Stud Foal

Lass's Black Stud Colt

Lass foal Lass foal Black Colt

Contact us for more about him here.
Black Filly
DOB: 4-22-13
- Black Filly - Full Sister to WGC "Cash's Clay" and sire is Boss' Midnight Cash 4x WGC and Dam is WGC Mare.
Sired by Boss' Midnight Cash and out of Stormy Mornin' Rainin' Ava
Photo below Full Brother WGC Cash's Clay
Cash's Clay Cash's Clay

  Cash's Midnight Hailey
MFTHBA Reg #11-96878
D.O.B. 4-23-11 Black Filly
Dam: Midnight's Shardy Lady 
Sire: Boss's Midnight Cash
Call Charles at 417-859-6861 for more info on her.  On location at Marshfield, MO

A beautiful solid black filly ready to start under saddle spring of 2013. Hailey is sired by Boss' Midnight Cash a 3x World Grand Champion Halter horse and his offspring are now winning in the versatility show rings. Hailey was imprinted at birth and has been turned out to "be a horse" in the herd and to learn herd manners. She clips, leads, stands for farrier, loads, bathes, and has good ground manners. If you're looking for a horse to take to the next level in the show ring or just make a trail buddy this smooth mover is it!
Photo is from spring of 2012. 
Hailey Hailey Hailey

A Filly, Red Line Back Dun Out of an own daughter of "Southern Sunrise" -
"Serendipity" xx "Playboy's Country Boy" 9 Days Old here.


"Boss's Cotton Candy"
(Name and registration Pending)
Filly Dunalino out of "Boss Man's April Blossom" xx "Playboy's Country Boy"
Buttercup Filly Buttercup Filly Dazzle
 "Cash's Dazzling after Dark"
MFTHBA Reg # 12-98165
DOB 5-11-12 Black Filly
Out of Playboy's Buttercup sired by"Boss' Midnight Cash"
DOB 4-9- 12 - TWINS - Bay Colt and a Red Line Back Dun Filly
out of "Boss's Jessie Boots" xx"Playboy's Country Boy"


SOLD 5T's Son Of A Gun SOLD
MFTHBA Reg #07-92218
SOLD!!! Congratulations to Steve White of Lubbock, Texas on the purchase 5Ts Son of a Gun!! We look forward to seeing him at the Superhorse in June in Mt. Vernon Missouri!!
Gunner was born in 2007 and is a gelding that stands at 14.2 h.   He will side pass, turn of front and hind quarters, neck rein, foxtrot and canter. Gunner is a very smart boy that learns his tasks quickly. Gunner will make a great trail companion or cut cattle for you all day long. He has a great heart! He has been ridden in groups and out alone and does great in both. He seems to enjoy working cattle too! 
Watch Video HERE!

video video video
Gunner Gunner Gunner

Photos below are of Gunner on the November 2013 Competitive Trail Ride by Wendy Coker.  Jeff and Gunner took 1st place out of 35 entries!

Gunner Gunner Gunner Gunner GunnerGunner Gunner Gunner  Gunner  

Sold Eliminator's Black Velvet Sold
MFTHBA Reg. #05-84684

SOLD!! Congratulations to Terry and Diana Owens on their purchase of Eliminators Black Velvet (Limited Edition). We look forward to updates on the adventures of Terry and Limited!They are quite a pair!

Eliminator's Black Velvet (affectionately nicknamed Limited Edition because there are very few like him) is an 8 yr old black gelding (In 2013).   Limited stands right at 16 hands and is a big, solid, stocky horse. He is very people friendly and has a puppy dog personality. Out in the pasture, he frequently leaves the herd and comes to put his head in the halter! He has a nice foxtrot and a smooth canter. He has been used to work cattle at the local sale barn and also done some competitive trail riding. He loads, bathes, stands for the farrier up to date on all vaccinations.

Limited  Dusty and Limitedvideo
SOLD Sunset's Dusty Reflection and Eliminator's Black Velvet
SOLD Sunset's Dusty Reflection  SOLD
MFTHBA Registration #06-90567
SOLD!!! Congratulations to Linda Jones of California on the purchase of
Sunsets Dusty Reflection. These two are a perfect fit!!

Dusty is a 7 year old dark chestnut gelding. At 16 hands, he has a very commanding presence and attracts attention everywhere he goes. Dusty has a really laid back, people pleasing kind of personality and is super user friendly. His running walk, foxtrot and canter are smooth as silk and cover alot of ground. This horse is alot of fun to ride and is one of those "anybody can ride" kind of horses. We have used him for everything from showing, to cattle work at the local sale barn, trail riding, and everything in between! He has also done several competitive trail rides and placed top 5 every time! Dusty also loads, clips, bathes (LOVES water!!), stands for the farrier, etc. $7500

These photos below are from the Competitive Trail Ride in November of 2013 by Wendy Coker.  Dusty and Traci took 3rd out of 35 horses. 
Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty  Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty Dusty video


Red River  River video SOLD

Sold 3G's Red River  Sold
MFTHBA Reg. #10-96592

This beautiful 3 Year old Red Dunn gelding was started as a two year old. He stands right at 15 hands. He has a very kind and willing attitude. He has been ridden in large groups and out alone, been introduced to working cattle, and is great out on the trail. He will work for anywhere from a confident beginner to an expert rider. He does great in a flat foot walk, foxtrot, running walk, and canter. He will side pass, turn on front and hind end, neck rein, and stand quietly when asked. This is an excellent young gelding that will give a smooth ride every time! $6,000

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